The new album out March 12, 2021

New Single "Wind Him Up" out now

Listen to "Tired World" here

Be part of the new music video!

All you need to do is, film whatever or whoever is always there for you? Is it a friend? A relative? A pet? An object? Your collection of books, music, show tickets, a shrine, or your SAGA collection? You don't have to sing, you can also dance, play air guitar, be happy or just show us something - get creative! Send your video or download link to your video to and put "SAGA" in the subject line.

Due by February 15th, 2021

If you need music to perform along to, here's your background track:

feat. Radio Bob

SAGA “Always There” Video Challenge

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The new album “Symmetry”

Canadian prog-rock-band SAGA announce the release of their new studio album “Symmetry” on March 12th, 2021 on earMUSIC.

After going on tour in spring 2020, SAGA went straight into their home studios - the result: An album full of acoustic originals.
“Symmetry” offers a unique listening experience by bundling complex and delicate arrangements with familiar melodies and sounds.

“Symmetry” gives the listener the possibility to explore and discover SAGA classics like “Wind Him Up”, “Say Goodbye To Hollywood” and “Tired World” once more and in a completely new way.
SAGA managed to create more than just new versions of their songs; they created a sonic world full of little details that invites the listeners to dive deeper into the complex musical phenomenon that is SAGA.

Ian Crichton about the album:
“After opening for 'ourselves' Saga, on our 2017 European tour acoustically, the decision to record an acoustic record was born. This is different Saga everyone! We invited from Ontario Canada, Shane Cook on fiddle, and Stefany Seki, Beth Silver on cello to accompany us on our offside interpretation of music we've played for years, had a lot of fun doing so!“

Acoustic Saga!?!?!... it’s like construction work for an electric guitar player.”

Ian Crichton

“Symmetry” will be available as CD Jewelcase, 2LP Gatefold and Digital on March 12th, 2021 on earMUSIC.

You can pre-order the album here:

CD Jewelcase

Album Artwork

2LP Gatefold

Album Artwork


1. Pitchman
2. The Perfect Time To Feel Better
Time to Go
The Perfectionist
We Hope You’re Feeling Better
3. Images – Chapter 1
4. Always There
5. Prelude #1
6. Say Goodbye to Hollywood
7. Prelude #2
8. The Right Side of the Other Hall
Footsteps in the Hall
On the Other Side
You Were Right
9. La Foret Harmonieuse
10. Wind Him Up
11. No Regrets – Chapter 5
12. Tired World – Chapter 6